Asian TS London

Find a Asian TS in London today. The term TS is short for Transsexual (usually a male to female transsexual). There are hundreds if not thousands of Transsexuals living in London. Many of these are Asian TS but it seems almost every nationality or ethnic background is represented. Asian TS are often referred to as ladyboys but you should be careful when using this term as it may be regarded as offensive. A large percentage of Asian TS London do work as escorts. There are many reasons  for this but the main one is that generally they feel excluded from other avenues of paid work. The tempting lure of easy money no doubt played a significant part also.

How to find a Asian TS London

You can find Asian TS London online or in person. The quickest and easiest way to find a Asian TS or ladyboy is by hiring a escort. Escorts are generally sex workers who charge by the hour. A typical rate is £150 an hour. Most escorts can be for in-call or out-call. In-call means you need to visit them at their place of business, usually the transsexual girls flat or hotel. Out-call means the Asian TS will come to your hotel, most will not come to a private address.

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Asian TS London Clubs

There are clubs you can meet Asian ladyboys and transsexuals in London. The most popular one is currently The Wayout Club. This is a social club aimed at transsexuals and their admirers. Beware this is NOT a sex club, but if you are looking for sex its a good place to start.

Asian TS London Dating

A more direct approach to finding Asian transsexuals in London or elsewhere in the UK is by using dating websites. Dating websites do give you the advantage of putting you directly in touch with the specific type of person your looking for. Many of the dating websites these days do allow you to search for TS as well and male and female. However some ladyboys and transsexuals do classify themselves as female so this can cause confusion. There are specific transsexual dating websites such as

Asian TS London Apps

You can find Asian transsexuals and ladyboys on popular dating apps (or sex apps). Grindr is a popular gay app that does attract some horny ladyboys. You can filter your search by selecting the ‘tribe’ transgender. Asian TS do use Tinder and often classify themselves as ‘female’ which can lead to confusion. According to the Daily Mail the most right-swiped single in the UK is a transsexual (she identifies as female but trust me on this one).

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