How to behave with a Thai Ladyboy Escort

How you behave with your Thai ladyboy Escort is going to greatly determine how good your experience will be. If you are looking for an intimate and sensual experience then being rude or demanding is going to turn the girl right off and you’re going to get the bare minimum.

Remember the most important thing to remember is these girls are not sex addicts, they are girls who above all want to meet the perfect man and want to be loved. If you can understand this then you can make these girls want to be with you and get more of what you want.

Some tips from us on Thai Ladyboy Escorts

Be on time – turning up late makes you look bad or worse; stupid. Show her the kind of man you are and be organised and on time.

Agree the rate first – get this part out of the way and agree a rate without argument. Trying to barter yourself a deal is going to make yourself look like a cheapskate. Agree the normal price. If the girl likes you then she may decide to give you a bit extra.

Don’t call from a private number – calling from a private number is not acceptable. How can the girl contact you if she doesn’t have your number. You need to show your number when you call or there will be no booking. She’s not going to call you wife and tell on you.

Don’t expect too much – don’t expect to cross every item off your fantasy list in one session. If you have booked a half hour session you really can’t expect more than a simple sex session. A one hour session could include more foreplay or roleplay with a lovely hug after sex. If you want more than this then a two hour session will include much more such as a wearing multiple outfits and possibly sex more than once.

Don’t expect them to look exactly like the pictures – the pictures you see online are airbrushed. Some of the girls do look exactly like their pictures and some look not the same person. If your booking through an agency then you can ask how much the girl closely resembles the pictures and you will usually get an honest answer as the agency doesn’t want a reputation for dishonesty.

Cumming not a guarantee – Cumming is guaranteed for you of course (assuming you don’t run out of time), but some of the girls take a lot of female hormones and can’t cum frequently if at all.

Not all ladyboys do couples – Most ladyboys and transsexuals see themselves as straight women and don’t have sex with other real girls or ladyboys.

Advance bookings can be a good idea to make sure the girl is available for you but not too far in advance. Most girls won’t take a booking more than a day in advance.

Use a fake name if you want but being overly secretive about yourself is not the start of a great relationship.

Be as polite as you can. Polite does not mean boring it means not being rude.

Bringing your girl a little gift Shower before you arrive and the girl may make you shower again before sex. After you shower dry yourself correctly with a towel. Being wet all over your back and then lying on the bed making the bed wet is just plain stupid and not likely to win you any extra attention.

Kissing is not guaranteed so don’t expect. Even if you girl likes you she may not feel like french kissing and even more so if you have bad breath.

Don’t try and stay longer for what you paid for. If she wants you to stay she will tell you.

Do’s and Dont’s

  • Do turn up on time
  • Do agree the price in advance
  • Do have the cash ready when you arrive
  • Do have ID with you in case you need to show it
  • Do bring a small inexpensive gift
  • Do be as clean as possible
  • Do have a fresh minty breath
  • Don’t demand too much
  • Don’t use words like shemale – TS (short for Transsexual) is best
  • Don’t use a private number
  • Don’t be rude
  • Don’t expect a lot of kissing
  • Don’t overstay your date
  • Don’t ask for bareback or accept it yourself

Don’t be a Problem Customer

Being a problem customer is not going to help you getting the ladyboy of your dreams so try and be a gentleman as much as possible. Trying to bargain a low price is the sign of a cheapskate which is not a good look. Wear nice clothes that suit you and bring a little present. Don’t rush things as try and chat a little first (assuming her english is good enough).

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