Japanese Ladyboy Escorts in London

If your looking for a Japanese ladyboy in London then you won’t be happy to hear that they are rarer than unicorns. Almost every transsexual escort claiming to be Japanese or half Japanese are lying or exaggerating. Claiming to be Japanese is good business for ladyboy escorts because they are so rare and such is their popularity.

Japanese ladyboys rarely seem to venture from their homeland. Even if they did many prefer not to have sex with foreigners or at least not with any non-asian men. Reasons why I cannot fully explain but a lack of diversity in their home country is a strong possibility. If you do want to meet a Japanese ladyboy then I strongly recommend you go to Japan.

The good news is that if you do make it to Japan the number of ladyboys is relatively high. A dense population means a major city like Tokyo will have thousands of ladyboys. Finding a ladyboy in Japan is made even easier because of the existence of ladyboy brothels (known as clubs) some with 20+ girls in the one the one building. The Tokyo Shamble club is one of these.

New-half escorts London

Japanese ladyboys are known as “New-half” a term that sounds strange in English but means essentially ‘the third sex’ in Japanese.

‘New-half’ Japanese ladyboy escorts are usually very feminine and quite pretty. The major downside for westerners is that many of these escorts will not have sex with non-Japanese men. Rates are very reasonable and are in some cases cheaper than what you will pay in London.

Services offered include everything you would expect but with some added variations. Such as giving a blow job with her mouth half full of sparkling mineral water (presumably the bubbles add to the sensation).


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