Where to meet Thai Ladyboys?

Want to know where to meet Thai Ladyboys? Never before has there been so many ways and places to meet Thai ladyboys and transsexuals from other parts of the world or from the UK. Meeting thai ladyboys is not difficult if you try. However I strongly advise you to treat these girls like the wonderful ladies they are and not as a dirty secret the way so many do. It’s every girl’s dream to meet Mr right and for these girls it’s exactly the same. If you understand this then you are on the way to finding the sexy glamorous ladyboy of your dreams.

Ladyboy Escort websites

Where to meet Thai ladyboy escorts? Perhaps the quickest and simplest way to meet a ladyboy is to visit an escort or have one visit your hotel. Prices vary but £150 per hour is about average. Visiting an escort need not just be about sex. Enjoy the personal time you have with this wonderful ladyboy and treat her with respect like a girlfriend. An overnight stay or taking her out for dinner is the best way to fully experience your night with a ladyboy.

Ladyboy escorts can be either independent or through an agency.

Escort Agencies

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  1. Visit our Thai Ladyboy Escorts section http://www.thailadyboyescorts.co.uk/
  2. http://www.asianladyboyescorts.com

There may be some good reasons for using an agency rather than direct with the escort. Agencies do care about their reputation and are likely to take some responsibility for the girls who work for them and refuse to allow girls who are time wasters (or downright dishonest) to work for their agency. Do not believe that by not using an agency that you are somehow saving yourself a lot of money often the price is exactly the same, and many independent escorts refuse to discount anyway.

The girls themselves use agencies because they do cut out a lot of the hassle of being independent. The amount of guys who send unwanted text messages to the girls constantly asking them for free sex or discounts is high. Some of the girls are from Thailand or other parts of the world and don’t have a good command on English and struggle with dealing with the business side of escorting. Using an agency can mean better marketing and can lead to a better customer base.

Independent Escorts on a Directory

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  1. https://trans.eros.com/england/london/eros.htm

Independent ladyboy escorts advertise on directory websites for a monthly fee. There is no agency involved so you (usually) speak direct to the girl. In theory this should make things simple however you can find that many girls never reply to text messages and have their phone off for much of the day when they are sleeping or don’t feel like working. There may be more risk when dealing direct with the girl as they may be either unreliable or dishonest. Choosing a girl with a good reputation can be difficult and there is little honest information available. Finding a review on websites such as Hung Angels can be useful if the girl is well known.

Some girls do work both independently and through an agency and you might see the same girl advertised on several agency websites. This is confusing and a reflection of how small this scene is.

Ladyboy Personal  websites

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  1. http://www.evaluxtop.com/

Some independent ladyboy and transsexual escorts have their own personal website (as well as advertising on directories and through agencies). Escorts who have their own website do tend to be more experienced and professional and very clear about what service they provide.


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  1. http://www.thewayoutclub.com
  2. http://www.bombshellclub.com

Where to meet Thai ladyboys in clubs? Meeting a ladyboy in a club is easy enough provided there is a club within a reasonable distance to where you live. There are many clubs in the UK where ladyboys, transsexuals, and their admirers can socialize but the popularity and quality can vary considerably. The most popular and perhaps the best are in London. A quick google for transsexual meetups in your area might result in one or two results. Some meet perhaps only once a month others might be more frequent.

These clubs or meetups can be very welcoming of newbies and are usually have a small entrance fee and reasonably priced drinks. A word of warning most of these are not sex clubs so do not expect your entry fee to include sex or anything else. These are social meetings of transsexual ladyboys and their admirers. Even if some of the girls are escorts they are most likely on their night off and will not appreciate being approached only for sex. I cannot say this more strongly; treat these girls with the utmost respect remember they want to be loved and to meet their perfect man like any other girl. If you can understand and apply this advice you will reap the dividends.

Online Dating

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  1. http://tvchix.com
  2. http://www.birchplace.com

Where to meet Thai Ladyboys online? Online dating is a easy way of meeting a ladyboy and can be very successful. If you can create a good profile of yourself (put some effort into making a first class profile if you want to make the right impression and not be seen as a timewaster). There are many dating websites specifically aimed at the transgender scene but also some of the more mainstream sites do have the option to create a transgender profile, making it easy to search for ladyboys to chat with. In many ways this is a great option as many ladyboys who don’t like going to clubs may be using dating websites as a first point of contact.

Go Abroad

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  1. http://pattaya-funtown.com/ladyboys/

Where to meet Thai Ladyboys abroad? Perhaps the most extreme but perhaps the best of all ways to meet a Thai ladyboy is to go to Thailand itself. Ladyboys are common all over Thailand but perhaps the most famous are Nana plaza in Bangkok and the beachside town of Pattaya. Fortunately Thailand is not an expensive destination for anyone coming from the UK so it may be worth the journey to meet the ladyboy of your dreams. The girls in Thailand can be very beautiful and often come from poor backgrounds so meeting a farang (foriegner) boyfriend is the goal of many of these girls.

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