London Ladyboy Massage

London ladyboy massage is the best kind of massage. A ladyboy massage is similar to a normal female massage but a ladyboy can give you extra pleasure that a girl never could. First the hands of a ladyboy tend to be much stronger and harder than a female so she can give you a hard massage and release more muscle tension. The other reason being that your ladyboy will be able to penetrate you while massaging your shoulders and back (not to be missed).

If your looking for a sensual London ladyboy massage then you should have no trouble finding one. Most escorts will perform a massage as part of their service. Some will be better than others so it’s worth checking with the escort beforehand if this is something she specialises in. Some girls will have all the needed oils and towels ready for you but others may have to get these ready and will require a few hours notice.

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Thai ladyboy massage

If you want to enjoy and excellent London ladyboy massage thenĀ Thai ladyboys will often be the best. Thai massage is well known so you can be sure that your ladyboy will have at good knowledge of this type of massage and will know what to do with you.

Thai Ladyboy massage DUO

Why have one ladyboy when you can have two? Book a DUO with two of our hot ladyboys. Enjoy a massage from two ladyboys and get them both to fuck you afterwards. An experience you will never forget! Call us to book +447391648659

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