Meeting Ladyboys on Grinder or Tinder

You can meet Ladyboys and Transsexuals on ‘dating’ apps such as Grinder and Tinder. I call them dating apps but it would be fair to refer to them as ‘sex’ apps, especially Grinder. If you have never used either of these apps then you should do it right now. If only to see the dating app world in action and then discard it as a waste of time (possibly). There is a place for sex apps in this world but probably not something that should be taken very seriously. On a more optimistic note it is not impossible to meet TS or TV girls on grinder and be very happy with your experience.

Both Grinder and Tinder attempt to connect you with other like minded people in your area so the app is only going to be as good as the quality and quantity of the people around you. In a big city like London the sheer depth and number of the population means your going to get a much higher number of possible connections than some rural backwater. Its much easier to find ladyboys on Grinder, in the sense that there is a special section (tribe) for transsexuals. Tinder makes no such distinction and it’s not easy to search for transsexuals so your search is going to be much harder.

You can read Paris Lee’s experience of being a trans woman on Tinder here. I have met Paris a couple of times in the Wayout club in London and she is very attractive. We¬†unfortunately didn’t really get on, but thats another story.

I’m looking at my Grinder screen right now and I can see several Transsexuals in my area who are ‘online.’ Some of them are escorts. I have met a few of them through friends or at the Wayout club but I rarely meet someone on Grinder first; perhaps thats not what Grinder is best at – introductions. But Grinder is excellent for finding out who is ‘available’ right now and if you have met them before and they think your ok (or they down right fancy you) then you could be in the chance of a meet.

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