Post Op TS Escort London

You can find Post Op TS Escort in London and the rest of the UK. There are both Post op and Pre op transsexual escorts in the UK and especially London.

It’s a strange phenomenon that post op transsexuals are less likely to be escorts than pre op transsexuals. There are perhaps several reasons for this: –

  • First might be the demand side. Men seem to be much more interested in having sex with a pre op ladyboy or transsexual than a post op (reasons may differ but i suspect its the penis which attracts them).
  • Second could be that post op transsexuals are more likely to settle down with a long term partner.
  • Third could simply be that post op ladyboys have lower testosterone levels and find the industry so much less appealing.
  • There is a forth possible explanation and this is that there are just as many post op TS escorts in London but it’s that they are not telling you they are post op. A post op TS escort may advertise herself as a genetically born female.

Should you try a post op transsexual?

Those who already have experiences with pre op transsexuals might ask themselves should they try a post op ladyboy? My answer is YES they should. Why? Well it’s surprisingly good. The feeling is new and both familiar at the same time. Also you might find the ladyboy in question to be somewhat more kinky that a real girl while being generally more feminine than a pre op ladyboy.

Post op TS Escort dating

You might find it surprisingly easy to find a post op TS escort on a traditional dating site. The only problem is sometimes they will not actually advertise themselves as transsexuals but as real girls. So how can you find out if she is transsexual or not? Well you can ask her outright but this might cause offence. You can probably narrow down the field by looking for taller, asian, older, and desperate women.

You can find ladyboy escorts in our escorts section.

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