The Wayout Club – Ladyboy club in central London

I’ve been to the Wayout club many times and I can honestly say enjoyed myself almost every time. Like any club you need to pic your nights, summer is best of course as there tends to be more people and not just a few regulars. The question you want to know the answer to is “what are the girls like?” my answer is pretty good most of the time. This is an honest review and I won’t hold back because my readers want to hear it like it is. So here goes.

The Wayout club is NOT a sex club, lets get that out of the way! However some people do treat it a little bit like a sex club in so much as they usually have high expectations of meeting someone with the intent of having sex sometime after they leave the club (sex never in the club, there is no secret dark room out the back for naughtyness).

For first timers the Wayout club is great. It’s not in your face and everyone is usually very welcoming. When your inside everything is normal and relaxed, the club takes on it’s own feel independent of the outside world. But the club is what you make it. If your going to sit silently in the corner then expect nothing. My advice is join in the fun. Meet people. You might find the ladyboy of your dreams, you might not, but you need to be open minded and respectful of others.

I have had some great times at Wayout so it’s hard for me to be critical. The most often heard criticism is “it’s always the same people.” There are a certain amount of regulars who never miss a date and seem to arrive extra early so they are often the first people you see when you walk in. But some nights are very busy (choose your nights carefully) and I have been in there a couple of times and not recognised hardly anybody so it can vary.

The entry fee is £12 (£10 before 11am) discounted to £7 for transgendered and cross-dressed. Depending on the venue (it does occasionally change venue but usually in the same lo-cal of Tower Hill) drink prices are usually reasonable for central London. The club is always on a Saturday only and check the website before you set off in case of a sudden venue change. Dress code is not strict but I would advise looking your best if you want to have a good time.

The best time to arrive is 11pm. If you arrive earlier you may find yourself sitting alone until it gets busy. The night usually ends about 3am. If your lucky enough to meet some nice girls you might take one home or get invited to a house party (usually for naughtiness!).

Many of the ladyboys at the club are escorts but most will be on their night off. Don’t assume if you meet a hot ladyboy that she is an escort and I certainly wouldn’t ask her, nobody likes to talk about work where they are trying to have a good time. Because the Wayout is the most famous transsexual club in London you might meet ladyboys who are just visiting London for a short time and don’t know anyone (a great opportunity in my opinion to make friends easily and much more). I have met some amazing ladyboys and transsexuals in Wayout so the quality of the girls can be very high on a good night. I even met Yuri Myeon of Grooby fame in there once.

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