Basics of being with a Transsexual

If your new to the Transsexual (TS) scene then some of the below might be useful for you. Some terms you may have heard but perhaps are not sure what they mean. I hope the below is useful for you.

TV (Transvestite) – These girls are those who have not yet (if ever) started hormone treatment so are still men who dress like a female. For example they may be wearing a wig and would not have natural breasts. Some may only be female on the weekend and live as a man day to day.

TS Pre op (Transsexual or Ladyboy) – Pre op means the girl still has a penis but may have had multiple other operations such as breast implants or other cosmetic surgery. They will certainly be on hormones and have been for some time perhaps all their adult life or maybe even as a young teenager. These girls can look extremely feminine and in some cases indistinguishable from real girls. They would in most cases be living their whole life as a female. Depending on how often they take their hormones they may not be able to get an erection and not be able to cum fully; if at all. Some Pre op girls do intend to have the full operation (removal of the penis and a vagina created) one day, some intend to never have the operation and are happy as they are.

TS Post op (Transsexual or Ladyboy) – Post op girls have had their penis removed and have a cosmetic vagina. They may or may not have breast implants or other cosmetic surgery. These ladyboys tend to be very feminine especially if they have been taking hormones from a young age. They may not feel any stimulation during penetration the way a real girl would do and may have a low sex drive due to the high amounts of female hormones they will be taking.

Top, Bottom, or Versatile

The role you play in the bedroom is very important. If you’re a bottom and so is she then it’s going to be a very uneventful encounter. So one of the first things you should ask your ladyboy is “is she a Top, Bottom, or Versatile?”

Top – This is giving. (To be clear this is the person doing the fucking).

Bottom – This is receiving (person receiving the fucking).

Versatile – This means someone can switch roles and do both.

Be aware that some ladyboys claim to be versatile but really prefer to be bottom. Most transsexuals are generally bottom but there are a significant number who are ‘top only’ and won’t even consider being a bottom. You may want to try each of these roles a few times so you are very sure of what you want.
If you are a bottom then you will soon discover that it’s a very good idea to clean out your rectum before sex. This involves injecting water up your ass and flushing out anything that is up there. This can never be done enough times so give it a good flushing. Don’t ruin your experience by skipping this as you will regret it later.

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