TV TS Escorts available in London today

TV and TS escorts can be found in London and there are many to choose from. It’s not difficult to find TV TS escorts in London because there are so many of them. London is one of the best places in the world for TV, TS, Ladyboy, and Shemale escorts. Although there are very many to choose from you do need to know where to look.


To find TV Escorts the best places to look are Birchplace. TV escorts are transvestites which means they have not taken any hormones or had surgery to start the process of changing their body from male to female. Sometimes TV’s are referred to as Drag Queens or simply Trannys. A TV escort is essentially a man dressed as a woman. Some are very convincing despite being a man. TV Escorts are not difficult to find but you should always read the advert carefully to make sure you are getting a TV and not a TS.


TS escorts are transsexuals which means they have already started their journey to becoming female by either hormones or surgery or both. TS escorts usually are feminine looking but may or may not have had full surgery – this means they might have had their penis removed so it may be best to read their profile carefully. TS escorts can be found on many websites or even in person at special clubs. You can see our own escort section here.

TV TS Escorts

If your looking to meet a TV or TS Escort then this should not be difficult in London. However you might need to be educated on how to behave. Transsexuals are not secret play things but real people who dream the same as everyone else of happiness. If you can understand this then you are on the way to a successful encounter with a TV TS Escort. You can find more information in our guide to behaving with a TV TS Escort. If you are successful then you will have the best possible time.

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